david nicholls

Welcome to the David Nicholls Racing Club

For just £200 a year or £17 a month with nothing else to pay,  you can share in all of the excitement of flat racing with a horse trained by the “Sprint King” David Nicholls. Weather you are new to racehorse ownership or have previously owned a share in a horse or even been a member of a racing club, we are certain that the David Nicholls Racing Club will provide you with plenty of behind-the-scenes involvement and betting action with one of racing’s most respected and successful trainers

if you have ever met David Nicholls you will know that he is not a man who would ever call a spade a manual digging implement! He is a stickler for quality and doing things properly. Whether his horses are running in group races or sellers, David leaves no stone left unturned in his quest for winners. There is no fun in going to watch horses finished tailed off and it inst good for the wallet either -that is why you can be certain that any horse is running for the club is something that David feels will be worthy of our time and patience.




In Association with Mr Harry Redknapp


” In association with top football manager Harry Redknapp, you can share in all the fun and excitement of a string of horses by the “Sprint king” David Nicholls. “I have known David for many years and i can honestly say that are a few better trainers of Sprinters. David’s single-minded determination and will to win is sure to make the club a terrific success and provide a lot of fun for members. I hope to meet many of you at the races this year whenever the club has a runner. “Harry Rednapp”


Greenhead High

Green Head High was our 4th member of the racing club, he has run 6 time for us achieving 1 win 2...

Take The Lead

Take The Lead Came To us January From Mr Hannon  and won on her 2nd start for us


our newest member of the David Nicholls racing club , a 3 year old gelding , from Ireland


Llewellyn was the racing club first horse, he has his quarks be has plenty of ability, So Far he ...